Made in Europe

Made in Europe Travelled everywhere

Samsonite is proud to offer Made in Europe labelled products. Still the third highest appreciated label in the world.*

The main features related to this label are:

  • Great quality products
  • Short transportation distances
  • High security standards
  • Innovative travel gear

Where do we

Oudenaarde, Belgium
Oudenaarde, Belgium

Reinforcing Samsonite’s reputation as a European brand, our production plant, located in the heart of Europe provides state of the art technology for future-proof travel gear. We generate renewable electricity from solar PV panels on its roof and use this clean energy to power operations on-site.

Szeksard, Hungary
Szeksard, Hungary

In September 2017, Samsonite opened a highly optimised second plant in Hungary. With over 40,000 m2 of total operational space, both plants expect to produce 1.4 million products in 2018. Since July 2021, the Szekszárd site has been running on 100% renewable green electricity.

Quality tests

Every journey. Every day. You might not have given it any thought, but each Samsonite product undergoes the most stringent controls and tests before it goes on the market. Of course, the ultimate test is conducted by you, the customer.