Business Backpacks
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Business Backpacks

Laptop Backpacks

This bag is free to take on board easyJet flights.
Always double check with your airline before travelling for the latest info.
Biz2go Backpack daytrip 15.6" 44 x 33 x 20 cm | 1.1 kg
This bag is free to take on board easyJet flights.
Always double check with your airline before travelling for the latest info.
Pro-DLX 6 Backpack Underseater 15.6" 45 x 35 x 20 cm | 1.3 kg
This bag is free to take on board easyJet flights.
Always double check with your airline before travelling for the latest info.
Wander Last Backpack 15.6" 44 x 30 x 16.5/21.5 cm | 1.2 kg

Laptop Bags for Business Professionals

Your daily commute to work requires a strong and secure laptop backpack. Equipped with hi-tech safety features to protect your personal belongings, and easy-to-organise pockets and sleeves, these laptop backpacks are perfect for any working professional, student or frequent business flyer.
For modern, urban travellers, laptop backpacks have become a fundamental day to day item. Comfortable and offering more protection for your back, these laptop backpacks let you pack everything you need for work or study in one bag, whilst being hands free. Discover all the benefits that our great laptop backpacks offer.


Expect great protection for your valuable electrical devices and be safe in the knowledge that your laptop will be protected at every moment. Our laptop backpacks feature a padded interior laptop compartment, ensuring your laptop is kept secure, bearing the inevitable blows of every day.


One of the main issues people have when buying laptop backpacks is finding one that fits the dimensions of your computer. We offer different sized backpacks across all our collections, fitting 9.7” (24.6cm) to 17.3” (43.9cm) screen size dimensions, so you can pick your favourite style, no matter the size.


As well as a computer, we often need to carry several other things around with us in our day to day lives. Samsonite’s laptop backpacks have been designed to provide maximum ease of use, with practical internal organisation helping you arrange your belongings in a structured way. Handy extra features include dedicated pockets and compartments for your mobile phone, tablet, charger and documents.


We only use the best materials, so our laptop backpacks last as long as our luggage. We endeavour to offer you the best, so you can enjoy your Samsonite laptop backpack for many years to come.


Sometimes we just need that little bit of extra space. Rather than trying to stuff everything into your existing smaller backpack, or having to reach for a second bag, why not consider one of our expandable laptop backpack models? Fit in more items without compromising on organisation. Your laptop is still kept safe and secure, but you can increase the volume of the rest of the backpack thanks to the handy zip expansion.

Smart sleeve

If you’re travelling with both a suitcase and a laptop backpack, we have the perfect solution to give you even greater carrying flexibility. Use the handy Smart Sleeve function to slip your backpack over the top handle of your suitcase and pull it along without extra effort. Discover our suitcases and match with your favourite laptop backpack.


Make sure the contents of your laptop backpack remain secure by choosing one of our models with a cable TSA lock. Other security features in our collections include RFID blockers to protect your credit and identity cards from skimming, and helping you to travel with peace of mind.

Rain protection

It’s happened to all of us: getting caught in a storm with no umbrella… To prevent water damage to your computer and other belongings, check out our range of laptop backpacks offering protection against the elements. The specially designed rain cover helps to reduce the risk of getting your belongings wet, and makes sure you are prepared, whatever the weather.

Recyclex™ Laptop backpacks

Everyone can help to make the planet greener and more sustainable. Here at Samsonite, we believe that even your laptop backpacks can contribute. Some of our models are made with 100% PET recycled water bottles specially crafted to be durable and flexible.


If you’re planning on loading up your laptop backpack with a lot of items, it might be worthwhile investing in a wheeled laptop backpack. These models also include a top handle so you can use the laptop backpack on wheels when it gets too heavy to carry on your back.


Elegant, casual, tech, sporty…, , whatever your style preference, we have a laptop backpack for you.. Discover all our models and find the one that matches your style. Prefer a more classic look? Look out for our laptop messenger bags.

Women's Laptop Backpacks

Samsonite has a number of specially-designed laptop backpack collections for women. Ideal for formal or casual use, these ladies’ business backpacks offer practical organisation without compromising on design, style or quality Check out our great selection of women’s laptop backpacks and be sure to find one that suits your style and needs.


Running out of battery is a regular concern when you’re travelling. Ensure you stay connected with Samsonite’s very practical laptop backpack models equipped with Easy Pass and Powerbanks. You’ll never need to worry about losing power again .


Personalise your laptop backpack and make it yours. Exclusive, stylish embossing will bring an extra unique element and help your bag stand out from the crowd. Discover all our personalisation options, both in luggage, handbags and laptop backpacks.