Neopulse X Diesel

NEOPULSE X DIESEL Collection Luggage

There is a growing appetite for the ultimate travel experience in an ever more connected world and the NEOPULSE X DIESEL collection understands this perfectly. The iconic NEOPULSE suitcase has been redesigned with a good dose of Diesel attitude and DNA. The result is a daring combination of black with strong yellow colour touches and a tough metal look. Whether you want to show off your belongings or prefer more privacy, the fading of the shell from black to transparent allows both. The interior, finished with the same amount of detail as the exterior, includes a complete organisation and a removable drawstring backpack. The cabin size Spinner 55 comes with an integrated USB port allowing you to charge your electronic devices during your travels. Complete your Samsonite X DIESEL look with the selective & assorting models of the PARADIVER and OPENROAD collections.