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Cosmolite - Style icon
Cosmolite - Style icon
  • Product Image Cosmolite 1726
  • Product Image Cosmolite 1776
  • Product Image Cosmolite 5047
  • Product Image Cosmolite 1041
  • Product Image Cosmolite 1673
  • Product Image Cosmolite 1549

Cosmolite Style icon

Cosmolite combines minimal weight with maximum impact resistance. Cosmolite’s award winning design tops it off with style.

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Lite-Cube - Timeless performance
Lite-Cube - Timeless performance
  • Product Image Lite-Cube 1173
  • Product Image Lite-Cube 1374
  • Product Image Lite-Cube 1776
  • Product Image Lite-Cube 1324
  • Product Image Lite-Cube 1259

Lite-Cube Timeless performance

If you like to combine timeless style with contemporary comfort while you travel, then Lite-Cube was made for you.

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Lite-Cube DLX - First class lightness
Lite-Cube DLX - First class lightness
  • Product Image Lite-Cube DLX 1266
  • Product Image Lite-Cube DLX 1004
  • Product Image Lite-Cube DLX 1041
  • Product Image Lite-Cube DLX 1549

Lite-Cube DLX First class lightness

The deluxe version of Lite-Cube is the ultimate collection to travel in style. Enjoy the highest comfort in every detail.

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Lite-Shock - The lightest
  • Product Image Lite-Shock 1686
  • Product Image Lite-Shock 1041
  • Product Image Lite-Shock 1776
  • Product Image Lite-Shock 1775

Lite-Shock The lightest

Lite-Shock is the ultimate combination of minimal weight and maximum impact resistance. The design is inspired by nature and has a unique, shock-absorbing corner design.

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Lite-Biz - Your perfect business partner
  • Product Image Lite-Biz 1041
  • Product Image Lite-Biz 2957

Lite-Biz Your perfect business partner

At the security check or on the move, Lite-Biz ensures immediate access to your business and travel essentials. Enjoy the pleasure of travelling with the perfect cabin partner.

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Lite-Box - Our newest Curv
  • Product Image Lite-Box 2957
  • Product Image Lite-Box 1277
  • Product Image Lite-Box 1285
  • Product Image Lite-Box 1041

Lite-Box Our newest Curv collection

Lite-Box is among the lightest and sturdiest in its class. State-of-the-art technology combined with a great deal of attention to detail gives this collection its key look.

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benefits of our innovative material collections

  • Incredibly light material to maximise baggage allowance
  • Woven technology for exceptional impact resistance and shock absorption, also at low temperatures
  • Unique self-reinforced design, adding strength and protection without adding weight
  • Durable yet flexible luggage with a long lifecycle
  • Timeless, groundbreaking designs which have been tested extensively
  • Award winning & certified designs
  • Woven structure Woven technology The next generation of suitcases
  • Self reinforced Self-reinforced design
  • Several layers Layering Ultra light and strong
  • Warranty Warranty Samsonite 10 year global warranty

is it

Making travel easier is an ongoing mission at Samsonite. That's why we have brought this innovative material into the world of travel.

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Add a personal touch to your Lite-shock Add a personal touch to your Lite-shock

Personalised luggage

Personalise your suitcase with laser engraving.
Engraving now available on our favourite collections.

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